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Since most of my work is focused on digitizing and compiling award citations, the majority of my books are compendiums of award citations. However, as a creative writer, I do try to challenge myself with occasional narrative or creative writing book. The following represent some of my books that are NOT award-citation focused, that have been published in book form .

Beyond Belief
True Stories of American Heroes That Defy Comprehension
This is a unique compilation of short stories by a team of a dozen authors and researchers. Herein you will find some of the most amazing stories ever told, each of them presented in an historically factual manner without hyperbole or literary license. Even more amazing is the fact that each of these stories is TRUE!  These are the stories that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief, proving as one author once wrote, “Truth is not only stranger than fiction, but far more interesting.”
Available in: Hardback, Paperback, and Kindle.
Volume I
American Heroes
Beyond Belief
Volume II
U.S. Navy Heroes
Beyond Belief
Volume III
Chaplain Heroes
Beyond Belief
Volume IV
Civilian Heroes
Civilian Heroes
Two new "Beyond Belief" books are published each year, one for release on Veterans Day, and the other on Memorial Day.   

 How Pueblo Became the Home Of Heroes

Available in:

Hardback, Paperback, &

 How Pueblo Became the Home Of Heroes
Don't Fight City Hall - Entice Them to Join You
Hero Books Publishing (2012) $17.95 (329 Pages)

How Pueblo Became the Home of Heroes is much more than a fun read which is hard to put down. It is a memoir about the unique couple who spearheaded the drive to make Pueblo the Home of Heroes: Doug and Pamla Sterner. Doug and Pam are both magicians, singers, ventriloquists, but more important, patriots. Pueblo, Colorado, the incredible town they live in, at one time, was the only city in America which was the home of four living recipients of the Medal of Honor, which some call the Congressional Medal of Honor. It prompted a President of the nation to ask, “Is there something in the water out there?”

The stories of the celebrity-filled visits to Pueblo by people such as Wayne Newton and Adrian Cronauer (Good Morning, Vietnam!) and too many Medal of Honor recipients to share, are neat and interesting. If you are a veteran like my wife and me, this means a great deal to you and all the stories within these pages, which are eager to turn themselves while you’re reading.  It is great to read the story behind the stories.

I challenge you to begin reading, and try to put it down. How Pueblo Became the Home of Heroes is a must read for anybody who cares about American history, military history, and our nation’s legacy of valor, or simply, a nice love story.

Don Bendell (Best-Selling Author) 

Restoring Valor 
Restoring Valor
One Couple's Mission to Expose Fraudulent War Heroes and to Protect America's Military Awards System

Skyhorse Publishing (2012): $14.95 (288 Pages)

Doug and Pam Sterner detail the problem of "stolen valor" and Pam's successful efforts in 2005/06 to craft legislation titled "The Stolen Valor Act" and push it through Congress. The need for this sweeping legislation is set forth in true stories of fakers from their files. The Act became a landmark First Amendment case, struck down by the Supreme Court in 2012, but re-enacted as a modified law by a nearly unanimous vote of Congress less than two years later. 

“Restoring Valor, offers a compelling and thorough account of this phenomenon known as ‘stolen valor.’” —Senator Bob Dole

Defining Generation 
The Defining Generation
True Stories of a generation that challenged the traditions of the past,
and in its search for meaning and purpose, re-defined the world we live in today
 Hero Book Publishing (2016)  $14.95 (630 Pages)

 Fifteen years in development, “The Defining Generation” is a tribute to the children of “The Greatest Generation.” Baby boomers themselves, authors Doug and Pam Sterner weave personal vignettes, history, and the inspiring true stories of heroes and leaders of their generation. It is a positive portrayal of a generation in rebellion that rose up against traditions of the past, rejecting “the establishment” and its narrow views of life, equality, poverty and world need. The genesis of their thesis: “The Greatest Generation indeed saved our world (in World War II), but their children redefined it, making it better.” Based on personal friendships and dozens of interviews with other Baby Boomer movers, shakers, leaders and trendsetters, this book is an anthology they hope TOC-Definingwill inspire and motivate future generations. Note the authors: “If you are a Baby Boomer who reads this book, it will make you proud of our achievements. If you are the offspring of a Baby Boomer, herein you will learn things about your parents/grandparents you never knew, and gain a new appreciation for them. If you are the parents of a Baby Boomer and read this book...well, you’ll probably just shake your head and say, ‘Now I understand why hamsters eat their young’.”

 Click on the image at therightt to see the Table of Contents for this book. 

Go For Broke 
Go For Broke
The Nisei Warriors of World War II Who Conquered Germany, Japan, and American Bigotry
 American Legacy Media (2015)  $15.95 (216 Pages)


In 1942, Japanese-Americans were forcefully removed from their homes and businesses, and placed in "relocation" camps throughout the West. With countless instances of "Gestapo-like" tactics used against them, no one would have faulted them for being bitter or angry at the country that held them captive. Instead, the remarkable story of these Nesei(first generation Japanese born outside of Japan) warriors explains why they were eager to defend their American homeland, and how they became the most decorated fighting unit ever assembled in U.S. military history. Go For Broke is the incredible story of how these soldiers, known as the purple Heart(first generation Japanese born outside of Japan) warriors explains why they were eager to defend their American homeland, and how they became the most decorated fighting unit ever assembled in U.S. military history. Go For Broke is the incredible story of how these soldiers, known as the purple Heart Battlalion," helped liberate Europe, the Pacific, and America from its pervasive and systemic bigotry.

Day of Infamy 
Day of Infamy
A Tribute to the Heroes of December 7, 1941
 Hero Books Publishing (2019)  $14.95 (186 Pages)

The Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, a date President Roosevelt said “Will live in infamy,” was perhaps the most cataclysmic event of the 20th Century. Even beyond the tragic loss of life, the destruction rained on the military might of the United States was devastating. Within two hours the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet was almost completely destroyed and America’s air forces at Hawaii and in the Far East were nearly annihilated.“Day of Infamy” takes the reader through the chronology of that fateful day through the actions of the 15 Sailors whose heroic actions in the midst of chaos and fear, earned them our nation’s highest award, the Medal of Honor. The little known stories of other heroes, and interesting snippets of human interest, further enhance the narrative. Liberally illustrated with photos, maps, and pictures of individual heroes, this book is more than a history book – it is a look inside the human character of those who faced unbelievable odds in the most trying of times. Included within are the citations for all awards of the Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, and Navy and Marine Corps Medal for actions on December 7, 1941.

Splendid Little War 
A Splendid Little War
A Chronology of Heroism in the Spanish-American WAr
 Hero Books Publishing (2019)  $14.95 (338 Pages)

The Spanish-American War (1898) was America’s first major foreign war, and one of the most impactful wars in our nation’s history. The combat action lasted only 115 days and fewer than 400 American Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines died in combat.As a result of the war the United States established itself as a world power, its Navy soundly destroying the once-vaunted Spanish Armada. As a direct result of the American victories, the United States gained temporary control of Cuba and the Philippine Islands, and expanded its possessions to include Puerto Rico and Guam, both of which remain American Territories to this day. “A Splendid Little War” recounts the chronology of events leading up to and during the fighting of the Spanish-American War. Perhaps no war in our history has been more popular at home or among those who fought it. American media played a significant role in instigating war, and fanning the patriotic fervor that made it so. In these pages you will meet the heroes of both sides and follow the chronology of battle through the actions of the aging Civil War heroes that commanded the American forces, and the young Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Army Nurses who were conspicuous by their gallantry and devotion to duty and to each other.


The following books can be ordered from in print version, however these are also
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 Jaime's Story
Jaime's Story, God Is Good
A True Story of Friendship and Faith
 Hero Books Publishing ($5.95) (44 Pages)
"Jaime's Story" is the true story of one of the last U.S. Army Rangers killed in the Vietnam War. Jaime's closest friend, author Doug Sterner, shares the story of the combat mission that brought them together, and his own inner struggles in coming to grips with Jaime's death two months after he came home. This small booklet was written by him shortly after Jaime's death, and for decades remained among his personal mementos until 1998 when Doug realized his dream of meeting Jaime's family. At the request of Jaime's son, Doug initially posted Jaime's Story online in what became the seed for his Home Of Heroes website which has been online for 20 years.  


In the Master's Hand
In the Master's Hand
 Hero Books Publishing (2019) $9.95 (42 Pages)
This is a small collection of poetry written by me during my high school years. It was my first published book, and was initially published in 1971 during my second tour of duty in Vietnam. I republished in 2019, in nearly the same identical layout, format, and contents as the original.  


The Other Korean War
 Hero Books Publishing ($9.950 2018 (102 Pages)
In 1871 U.S. Navy and Marine Corps forces embarked on an ill-conceived diplomatic mission to open Corea (Korea) known as "The Hermit Kingdom". A series of misunderstandings resulted in a weekend battle marked by valor on both sides, and earning 15 American Seamen and Marines the first Medals of Honor for actions in a foreign war. The little-known "Weekend War" that was the first Korean War, is called "Shinmyangyo" by the Koreans... "The Disturbance of 1871".  


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