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Adult Fiction by C. D. Sterner
(Adult Content)


Pam and SnapshotMy wife Pam is an avid reader and, while she has always been supportive of my work, military history is NOT her genre... she's more inclined to romance and erotica. The Fifty Shades of Grey books are much more to her liking, and are among her all-time favorites.

In the fall of 2014, with our 40th wedding anniversary only months away, I was trying to come up with something unique and special. A thought - "Doug, you are a writer. Why not write a special book for her; the kind of book she likes?" In November I took a 2-week "vacation", my first in 4 years, and challenged myself to write my first fiction work in 40 years. A Snapshot in Time was born. I never intended to publish it... I intended only to print it and give it to Pam for our anniversary. When it was completed however, I liked the story so much I decided to self-publish it. It was my introduction to self-publishing and I found the experience so easy, I then began self-publishing my military books. The existince in print of nearly ALL of the "Hero Books" now available came about, thanks to Snapshot.

I have wandered outside my genre now three times and, frankly, writing fiction (erotica) is a nice change of pace. Ironically, however, even then in both Snapshot and my most recent fiction Higher Power, I just can't get away from the military. The main male characters in both books are veterans.

Frankly, although all three of these books (two fiction and one self-help) would normally be classified as erotica for women, I'm sure many of my male friends will find them fun and interesting to read.


A Snapshot in Time - $14.95 (304 Pages)

A Snapshot in Time

Ronald Anderson a 39-year-old artist and art professor on sabbatical since the unexpected death of his wife in an automobile accident two years earlier. The tragedy has left him dark and distant, his art becoming dark and macabre, his life a humdrum daily existence devoid of hope, until the day Allie comes to his door.

Allie (Alice May Jewett) is a 23-year-old Junior recently enrolled at the university after three years of community college in a small town in Montana. She too, has suffered great tragedy; the loss of her father during the war in Iraq ten years earlier. Naïve and quite innocent after a sheltered life spent helping her mother after her father’s death, she is on her own for the first time and learning about life and herself. Through their shared tragic histories, friendship and healing begins that quickly leads to stronger inner feelings of love and desire. Working through the nuances of generational differences, the two cling to each other, each in different ways. Ron is the nurtruing father figure Allie has never known. She is the impish, sometimes impudent girl teasing and eventually seducing the structured and romantically-resistant Ron.

Working through their conflicts they find healing and hope, but not without external opposition. Allie must convince her mother that her relationship with Ron is more than a typical coed’s crush on a professor. Ron’s daughter, nearly Allie’s age, despite her own dark secret, finds her father’s new romance revolting. A Snapshot in Time is a compelling tale of two people finding hope and happiness in each other. The characters come to life with all their dark feelings and bright hopes, making the reader fall in love with both and hope for the best.

On January 12, 2015, Pam and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.  The following month on Saturday, February 14:  The Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper published a front-page Valentine's Day story about "Snapshot" and the story behind the story. Click on the thumbnail at right to see the story as it was published, or on the link below if you would like to read it.

Pueblo Military Historian Surprises Wife with New Genre: Romantic Erotica


The Reluctant Husband's Guide to Becoming Christian Grey - $19.95 (255 Pages)
Reluctant Husbands Guide to Becoming Christian Grey


AReluctant Husbandt last... here is THE book for the woman whose husband doesn’t understand the appeal of the “Fifty Shades” experience, co-authored by a woman and wife of then 35 years, and her own reluctant husband. Like millions of women around the world, Pam was captivated by the Fifty Shades of Grey books. Not only did the story of Christian and Ana turn her on, it validated thoughts and fantasies she had long suppressed, believing them to be abnormal. As she came to grips with who she was and what she wanted, the challenge became getting her “old school” husband of 35 years to come around.

Doug was no easy conversion. He was stubbornly stuck in his traditional concepts of marriage, vanilla sex, and the roles of men and women. For more than a year the man who had spent much of his life trying to do whatever pleased the wife he loved, firmly resisted reading “those damn books.” In fact, inwardly he was angry that Pam even thought or desired the things in those books. In Section 1 of “The Reluctant Husband’s Guide to Becoming Christian Grey,” Doug and Pam share in honest and unabashed fashion, their transition from vanilla to the Dark Side. It wasn’t easy for Doug to move outside his comfort zone and become Sir D, Pam’s fantasy of Ana’s Christian Grey.

The two detail their growth, both as individuals and as a loving married couple with frankness and, from time to time, humor. Section 2 is a comprehensive look at BDSM and various types of play. It includes specific scenes with instructions on adding them to the reader’s own play time, instructions regarding safety, examination of various tools and toys, and more.

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Higher Power -  $17.95 (384 Pages) 
Higher Power

A LOVE STORY of DOMINANCE, SUBMISSION, and HEALING Suzie Patterson is a stripper with a drug problem. Estranged from her mother and infant daughter, her life is spinning out of control. Her life is further compounded by a late night assault.

Devon Anderson is the "lone wolf"; Army CID Agent who comes to her rescue, and, having just met her, he can't stay away from her.

Together they must find a way to deal with her problem and heaShadow Boxl each other.

"Suzie, look at me and focus solely on me," Devon directed. "The second step in recovery is to acknowledge the strength and the control of a higher power. Do you understand that?"

She nodded quietly and shivered, noticing the coldness of his eyes, unflinching, unmoving, and dark beyond imagination.

"Suzie, tonight, I become YOUR higher power!"

Higher Power
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