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United States Air Force Heroes
United States Air Force


United States Air Force HeroesAlthough the Air Force became a separate and distinct branch of U.S. Military Service in 1947, this large (626 pages) book includes the citations for not only all the Air Force awards of the Medal of Honor, but those of its precursors: Army Air Service, Army Air Corps, and Army Air Forces. It also contains the citations for all awards of the Distinguished Service Cross and Air Force Cross to members of the U.S. Air Force, with a detailed table of the USAAS, USAC, USAAF recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross. Also included are the citations for the eleven awards of the Navy Cross to member of the Army Air Forces in World War II.

Also included are the citatons for awards of the Army, Navy, and Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal to members of the USAAS, USAC, USAAF, and USAF. There is also a comprehensive table of more than 4,000 Air Force Flag Officers, reflecting their identified awards and basic personal information.

This volume includes basic Air Force history, history behind the various awards, and appendixes including analysis of awards by rank, unit, and a chronological listing of valor awards. (625 Pages)


United States Air Force Heroes
Volume II
Army Air Service Heroes
U.S. Army Air Service
World War I - 1942
Volume III
Air Air Forces DSC Heroes
Army Air Forces
Distinguished Service Cross
World War II
Volume IV
Army Air Forces Silver Star Heroes
Army Air Forces
Silver Star -World War II
(Last Names A - C)
Volume V
Army Air Forces Silver Star Heroes
Army Air Forces
Silver Star -World War II
(Last Names D - H)
Volume VI
Army Air Forces Silver Star Heroes
Army Air Forces
Silver Star -World War II
(Last Names I - N)
Volume VII
Army Air Forces Silver Star Heroes
Army Air Forces
Silver Star -World War II
(Last Names O - S)
Volume VIII

Army Air Forces
Silver Star -World War II
(Last Names T - Z)
Volume IX
U.S. Air Force Korean War Heroes
U.S. Air Force
Korean War
(MOH - DSC - SS)
Volume X

Distinguished Service
Medals (1918 - 1965)


 Wings of Valor
"Wings of Valor" currently contains the first three volumes of a projected 6-volume set of books detailing the history of the development of Army Aviation through the stories of American air-war heroes. These narrative stories reflect the actions of each of the Army Air Service, Air Corps and Army Air Forces Medal of Honor recipients in chronological order, with background on the missions and tactics that lead to their heroic missions.  Each volume is $14.95, and you can go directly to each volume at Amazon by clicking on the book covers below.
Wings of Valor Volume I Wings of Valor Volume II Wings of Valor Volume III
World War I World War II
At War in the Pacific (1941 - 1943)
World War II
Bombs Over Europe (1943 - 1944)


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